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WSQ Content Marketing Strategy

18 hours

Why is Content Marketing Important?

Have you ever scrolled through your Facebook feed and paused to click on the read more button of a post to find out more about it? Hence, were you also captivated by some images or videos in your feed and stopped scrolling to have a better look at those posts? Or perhaps you found that some of the content was entertaining or offered good advice and proceeded to share them with your friends? Henceforth, we can conclude that content created as part of a good content marketing strategy will capture the eyeballs of its intended audience.

Thus, It will also encourage audience engagement with the content to create
awareness of your brand. Therefore, Having a good content marketing strategy can help increase brand awareness and following to drive profitable customer actions.

What Will I Learn?

During our 2-day (18 Hrs) WSQ – Content Marketing Strategy course. You will be taught how to create a mind map of the needs and wants of targeted buyer personas. Therefore, to facilitate the curation and scheduling of various content posts aimed at increasing engagement with these personas. Furthermore, You will also learn about the key ingredients of good copy-writing. In order to create compelling posts that will encourage engagement with your intended audiences.


Our trainer will also guide you to appropriately sequence these posts with
industry-recognized marketing tools and the best practices to facilitate a
seamless content marketing management process. Finally, you will get tips on how to re-purpose existing content into other shareable content types for various marketing platforms.


Course Content

At the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • Recognize the importance of customizing content pieces to their targeted audience to drive profitable customer actions.

  • Employ best practices for your content marketing management process.

  • Recognize how existing content can be repurposed into other shareable content types for multiple marketing platforms.

  • Create engaging content posts for your targeted buyer persona based on their needs and wants.

  • Recognize the 5 important elements of copy-writing to create compelling content for your posts.

  • Sequence content posts using industry recognized marketing tools.

Course Outline

You will be learning the following:

Content Marketing Objectives:

  • Concept of content marketing

  • Benefits of content marketing

  • Determining focus of content piece

  • Setting SMART content marketing goals & objectives

  • Choosing your content marketing platform

  • Using content to build and maintain following on social media

Pre – Content Marketing (Planning):

  • Creating buyer personas

  • Generating content to engage buyer personas

  • Types of content to post

  • How often to post

  • Content marketing life cycle

  • Managing a content marketing schedule

Post – Content Marketing (Editing):

  • Structuring and sequencing posts

  • Automating delivery of posts to targeted buyer personas

Content Marketing Trends:

  • Content marketing best practices

  • Emerging trends in content marketing delivery

During – Content Marketing (Writing):

  • Aligning content with business goals

  • Key elements of enticing and compelling copy

Fees & Funding

Fee per participant (Inc. GST)
SMEs Company Sponsored Singaporean/PR (Inc. GST)


On the Phone

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During the development of the profession, we will help you find an internship to consolidate the acquired skills and gain practical experience.

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