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WSQ Digital Advertising

18 hours

During our (18 Hrs) WSQ – Digital Advertising course. Therefore as an introduction to digital advertising, learners will be guided. In order to recognize, the importance of having a dynamically crafted digital ad creative. Therefore, increases the chances of the ads being clicked on and the likelihood of a profitable transaction.

Firstly, learners will first be given an overview of the role that digital advertising plays, in the overall digital marketing strategy. Secondly, a quick revision of creating buyer personas, and mapping out buying journeys and sales funnels. Thirdly, learning to formulate their digital advertising strategies. Thereafter, learners will be guided on the creation of Google ads with online tools and Facebook ads using the Facebook platform. Lastly, learners will learn how to develop a tracking and optimization plan to achieve better ROI for future ad campaigns, during our 2 days (18 Hrs) WSQ – Digital Advertising course.


Course Content

At the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • Recognize the key features that make up an online and offline marketing mix

  •  Determine the appropriate engagement media and channels for your targetaudiences

  • Design and manage a media plan to achieve organizational and/or project KPIs

  • Tactically execute a Google search ad to drive traffic to a landing page

  • Tactically execute a FB retargeting ad for re-engagement and conversion

  • Use attribution modelling to identify how different channels assist in conversion to optimize your ad spend

Course Outline

You will be learning the following:

Introduction To Digital Advertising:

  • Concept of digital marketing

  • Function of digital advertising

  • Creating SMART marketing goals

  • Online and Offline advertising

  • Digital advertising platforms

  • Types of digital ads

Formulating Your Digital Advertising Strategy:

  • Identify, align, and prioritize goals

  • KPI measuring plan

  • Developing a media buying plan

  • Formulating an ad spend budget

Creating Your FB Retargeting Ad:

  • Deciding on campaign goals

  • Facebook account structure

  • Types of campaign

  • Audience targeting

  • Facebook Ad metrics

  • Importance of UTM tracking

Understanding Your Customer Journey:

  • Creating buyer personas

  • Mapping buying journeys

  • Developing a communication plan

  • Mapping out digital touchpoints

  • Creating assets for digital touchpoints

  • Landing page: the last critical mile

Creating Your Google Search Ad:

  • Ad structure and budget

  • Devising bid strategy

  • Selecting ad groups and finding keywords

  • Types of Extension

  • Google Ad Metrics

Develop a Tracking and Optimization Plan:

  • Analyzing a Google Ads report

  • Analyzing a Facebook campaign report

  • Analyzing multi-channel report for optimization

  • Tracking and integrating offline campaigns

Fees & Funding

Fee per participant (Inc. GST)
SMEs Company Sponsored Singaporean/PR (Inc. GST)


On the Phone

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