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WSQ Digital Marketing Analytics

18 hours

(18 Hrs) WSQ – Digital Marketing Analytics has been designed as an introduction to digital marketing analytics. Whereas, learners will be guided to recognize the importance of data insights in aiding marketing teams. Henceforth, to make informed decisions in the planning of marketing budgets. I.e. to identify performing campaigns for replication and non-performing ones for termination or improvement to cut unnecessary losses.

What Will I Learn?

Firstly, learners will be introduced to the latest digital marketing analytics trends in the industry. Henceforth, be guided on the process to analyze their existing customers and potential target audiences for their businesses. Secondly, learners will be taught how to conduct an audit on their competitor’s websites. Hence, to recognize the key metrics to track and optimize for various digital platforms.

Thereafter, learners will then set up their individual Google Analytics (GA)
accounts and learn how to interpret key GA reports and attribute various ads to overall campaign performances to measure the Return on Investment (ROI) for each ad in their campaigns. Finally, learners will be guided on how to create customized digital marketing reports for reporting to senior management.


Course Content

At the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • Recognize digital marketing analytics trends

  • Analyse your existing customers and potential target audiences and conduct an audit on your competitors’ websites

  • Recognize the key metrics to track and optimize your digital marketing ad spend

  • Attribute various marketing campaigns and platforms to overall campaign performances to measure the Return on Investment (ROI) for each campaign and platform

  • Set up their Google Analytics account and interpret Google Analytics reports

  • Create customized digital marketing reports to illustrate Return on Investment (ROI) for reporting to senior management

Course Outline

You will be learning the following:

Introduction to Digital Marketing Analytics:

  • Fundamentals of digital marketing analytics

  • Benefits of digital marketing analytics for businesses

  • Existing and new digital analytics trends

Understanding the Key Metrics to Track for Digital Marketing:

  • Metrics to track for website

  • Metrics to track for social media

  • Metrics to track for Google search marketing

Digital Optimization and ROI Measurement for Businesses:

  • Defining marketing campaign objectives based on SMART Business goals

  • Crafting a marketing roadmap

  • Analyzing the pros and cons of various marketing platforms

Forming Data Insights and Crafting your Digital Marketing Report for Senior Management:

  • Key metrics and data insights to include in a report

  • Creating customized reports for senior management

Digital Analytics for Business Owners and Marketers:

  • Researching on target audience for your business

  • Customer segmentation

  • Analyzing traits, goals, frustrations of your buyer persona

Introduction to Digital Data Optimization:

  • Conducting keyword research with Google

  • Keyword Planner

  • Analyzing historical data of selected keywords

Setting Up Google Analytics:

  • Setting up Google Analytics account

  • Submitting sitemap to Google Search console

  • Linking Google Ads with Google Analytics account

  • Adding Google Analytics tracking code to websites

  • Creating goals in Google Analytics to track conversions

  • UTM tagging to track traffic

Interpreting Google Analytics Reports:

  • Analyzing key Google Analytics reports to optimize marketing budget

Fees & Funding

Fee per participant (Inc. GST)
SMEs Company Sponsored Singaporean/PR (Inc. GST)


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