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Fast Track Learning
Classroom / Home - Based Learning Available
Expert Advice
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Consultants with 20 years' of experience at your service.
Commitment to Service
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We belive in service from the heart, sincerely. 

Our Testimonial

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Top Courses

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SCCIOB WSQ Full Diploma Qualification Courses
A wide array of management courses from a diverse set of industries that will set you on your path of success!
Xprienz Lifestyle Courses
Keep your boredom away and let fun come and stay!
Fun filled courses that will surely brighten your days with new friends!
Carrie Academy Beauty & Soft Skill Courses

Keen to impress your superiors with your insights and critical thinking skills? 
This path is well lit for you!

@ASK Training Courses

They are a provider of best-in-class training programmes for individual learners and corporate clients. 

Are You..?

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Hoping to start a business but seeking the right tools and guidance to move forward?
Fret Not!
We have a vast array of courses ranging from Digital Marketing and E Commerce courses conducted by experienced trainers on how to set up and grow your business!


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Seeking to climb the career ladder and be tapped for management positions?

Time for change!

We have Management Courses targeted for working professionals to hone their skills in leadership and critical thinking to be the next Passionate Leaders of Tomorrow!


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Just entered the workforce and trying to gain relevant experience to expand your potential to your fullest?

Look no further!

Ranging from Negotiating Skills, Professional Image and many more, be ready to impress your superiors with your vast array of superior knowledge!


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With strong government support, thinking of equipping your staff with relevant skills set?

Yes, its time!

We provide consultation and support to companies by guiding them on how to apply for the Absentee Payroll and the other relevant grants when you send your employees for corporate trainings!


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Your kids have grown up and you crave to rejoin the workforce to harness your skills? ​

You made the right choice!

We have a diverse range of short refresher courses to hone your skills and regain the confidence to seek exciting employment opportunities!


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You have reached the limits of your career potential and wishing for a fresh start?

Your wish is our command!

Our courses covers a diverse range of industries that is booming despite the pandemic and is suitable for all who wants to start fresh and set new benchmarks!


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Feeling cooped up at home and yearning to be in touch with all the latest trends?

Seniors embrace changes!

Age is not a limit as we do have a wide variety of lifestyle courses that not only helps you to pick up new skills to keep active, but you can make new friends along the way!


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Been to numerous interviews but still yet to be gainfully employed?

We feel your pain!

We conduct complimentary resume clinics for all our learners who successfully attains the relevant qualifications and we provide personal consultations for you to Excel in Your Interview!

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I like it. Let's start.

During the development of the profession, we will help you find an internship to consolidate the acquired skills and gain practical experience.

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