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Vendor Management

Course Content

Manage vendor relationships by ensuring performance as per contracts, operations within standards established by the organisation such as adherence to safety, security, compliance standards. Develop and sustain vendor relationships and manage vendor performance.

  • Sustain smooth interactions and relationships with vendors

  • Determine and set clear parameters and expectations of vendors' roles and responsibilities

  • Negotiate with vendors to align interests and/or goals and arrive at mutually-beneficial arrangements

  • Analyse vendor service delivery and performance levels in line with key performance indicators, and provide performance feedback

  • Resolve complaints and quality or service issues with vendors

  • Evaluate the impact of contractual issues and problems on the organisation, and determine if a major contractual breach has occurred

  • Manage vendors' performance against standards and benchmarks 


Lessons are conducted in a structured yet pragmatic manner as lectures are blended with group discussions, role-plays and individual assessments. The group discussions give participants the opportunities to share their experience while role-playing helps the practice and application of concepts and approaches learned through the course.

Learning Outcome

  1. Evaluate the vendor relationship and how to interact with the vendors

  2. Determine vendor selection criteria

  3. Apply negotiation strategies with vendors to meet the organisation objectives

  4. Outline the impacts of non-contractual fulfilment by vendors

  5. Take steps to resolve complaints on vendors’ performance

  6. Analyse the performance of vendors against the set key performance indicators

Suitable for

  • Event, Project, Event Operations Manager/Assistant Manager, Supervisor, Team Lead in organising events

  • Industry practitioners who have the relevant work experience from other related industry or sectors wanting to enhance their skills and knowledge pertaining to the BTMICE industry

  • Career switchers with managerial or leadership experience, or individuals in other related industry or sectors wanting to expand their job portfolio or are seeking national certification/qualification

Course Fee

Funding Source
Course Fees
SkillsFuture Funding
Total Nett Fee
GST (8%)
Total Fee Payable to SCCIOB
SME-sponsored Local Employees (i.e Singapore Citizen & Permanent Residents)
SkillsFuture Enhanced Training Support for SMEs
Employer-sponsored and Self-sponsored Singapore Citizens aged 40 years and above
SkillsFuture Mid-Career Enhanced Subsidy
Singapore Citizens & Permanent Residents
SkillsFuture Funding (Baseline)


In-Classroom Training
Synchronous e-learning
TGS Code
Course Support Period
01 Nov 2020 to 20 Sep 2024
27 May 2019 to 26 May 2025


On the Phone

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During the development of the profession, we will help you find an internship to consolidate the acquired skills and gain practical experience.

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