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WSQ Diploma in Service Leadership

Acquire the skills and competencies to operationalise and implement service excellence in your organisation.


Course Content

  • Learn how to innovate product or service offerings and ensure that it is in line with the customer's needs and expectations.

  • Promote service innovation culture within the organization and lead your team in generating service innovation ideas.

  • Acquire the fundamental skills on how to develop manpower resource plan and evaluate performance of team in line with the service operations plan.

  • Develop a service recovery framework and implement improvement plans to close service gaps. promoting a customer-centric environment and analyze the team’s performance to identify areas of improvement.

  • Develop a service operations plan which is in line with the customer-focused strategy, communicate the service operations plan to the team, evaluate the service operations performance, and implement corrective action for improvement.

  • Assess and evaluate the effectiveness of service partnerships and implement continual improvements to strengthen relationships with service partners.


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Course Price

Course Fee (Before GST)
Course Fee (After GST)
Total Course Fees

Module Cost

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Lead with Service Vision
$ 600.00 (16 hours)
Develop Service Operations
$ 600.00 (16 hours)
Optimise Workface for Service Excellence
$ 380.00 (16 hours)
Manage Partnerships for Service Excellence
$ 600.00 (16 hours)
Foster Service Innovation
$ 460.00 (16 hours)
Develop New Products/Services
$ 420.00 (16 hours)
Analyse Service Quality and Customer Satisfication to Develop Service Recovery Framework
$ 850.00 (24 hours)
Cultivate Workplace Reationships
$ 550.00 (16 hours)
Manage Self
$ 550.00 (16 hours)

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