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WSQ Professional Diploma in Leadership & People Management

A systematic approach to acquire corporate leadership capabilities and a complete leadership development certification roadmap for business leaders. 


Course Content

  • Lead the implementation of vision within the organisation

  • Manage the achievement of results in your team

  • Support employees in developing their skills and expertise

  • Cultivate harmonious and productive relationships in the workplace

  • Be committed to self-development to capitalize on strengths and address weaknesses

  • Manage change processes when working with team leaders


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Course Price

Course Fee (Before GST)
Course Fee (After GST)
Total Course Fees

Module Cost

Asset 3.png
Lead Team
$ 600.00 (15.83 hours)
Manage Achievement of Results
$ 850.00 (22 hours)
Enable People
$ 550.00 (16 hours)
Cultivate Workplace Relationships
$ 550.00 (16 hours)
Manage Self
$ 550.00 (16 hours)
Manage Change
$ 600.00 (16.5 hours)
Idea Generation and Selection
$ 540.00 (24 hours)
Workplace Safety and Health Performance Management
$ 480.00 (16 hours)

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