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Urban Farming

Who says that seeing green can’t be a healthy pastime?

Acquire the know-how to grow a myriad of vegetables and cultivate your very own mini edible garden!


Nurturing your very own mini edible garden is easy, as long as you know how to



the soil, substrate and compost mix for various plant species


Map and plan

irrigation channels for
the various plant species in your mini edible garden



the right nourishment and care to promote growth and healthy plants

Course Content

  1. Identify various plant species and prepare appropriate planting layout plans.

  2. Formulate the soil, substrate and compost mix for various plant species.

  3. Determine ideal irrigation requirements for various plant types.

  4. Identify equipment and tools required to plant the various plant species.

  5. Provide nourishment to promote growth and healthy plants.

  6. Supervise planting and provide post-planting care for plants.

Vegetation Planting


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Course Code
Course Delivery
Classroom Learning (EN)
Course Duration
16 hours (2 days)
Funding Validity Period
15 Oct 2020 – 14 Oct 2022
Fees Payable [1]
50% Subsidy [2]
70% Subsidy [3]

Course Information

Fees & Funding

50% Full Course Fee (incl. GST)


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All information shown is correct at the time of printing. XpRienz reserves the right to make changes at any time without notice in its absolute discretion.

[1] Course Fees shown are inclusive of GST
[2] Applicable for Singapore Citizens & Permanent Residents aged 21 to 39 years
[3] Applicable for Singapore Citizens aged 40 years old and above / Applicable for SME
Employer sponsored SGs or PRs; up to $4.50/hr Absentee Payroll Funding Support

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